Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New year new resolutions

Guess what one of my new year's resolutions is? Yep, to update my blog more, shoot more of my own recipes for it and get tweeting. It occurred to me that I really do cook a fair bit, visit supper clubs and restaurants, attend cooking courses and in the course of all this activity find myself having something to say about things. So, why not write about it. It'll be a good diary for myself of my exploits and hopefully of use to others. So here goes.

Linking up nicely to the idea of new year's resolutions, one of my many 2011 resolutions was to learn how to bake sourdough bread. Come November this had not been ticked off the list. Then I came across Jane Mason's one day sourdough course which happened to be on a Saturday I was free, in November, thus still in time to fulfill my 2011 resolve. I booked it immediately hardly even reading up on what it entailed. In hindsight I suppose it was just meant to be. What a wholly inspiring, fun, carb laden day it was. Here some snaps to give an idea of things.

Not only did we learn how to make rye and wheat sourdough breads and sourdough crackers, Jane had also prepared various breads and cakes to eat during the day and gladly shared each recipe with us as we all scribbled madly in our notebooks. She also made thoroughly sure we all fully comprehended how to refresh our starter and tend to it, or rather not tend to it. Not capable of keeping up household tasks on a regular basis, I was excited to hear her sourdough method does not require laborious daily feeding of your starter. You simply need to remember to wake a portion of it up the day before you want to bake.

Since the course I have been madly baking with varied results. Or rather, myself and my flatmate love what I bake, but others who are more used to white fluffy tasteless loaves, I sense, need to get used to "proper" bread. Loaves are handed over to friends and family with statements like "you know this is better for you?" in the hope this will aid their appreciation. I am glad to report that by Christmas the naysayers had been converted at least in part by my mini rye loaves, which were great sliced thinly topped with smoked salmon and provided great fuel during present opening. Below my spelt and rye sourdough loaves.

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