Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shooting Tests

I recently upgraded some of my camera equipment and acquired a lens I had been thinking of getting for a while. In order to test everything out and to shoot a couple of ideas that had been bubbling up in my mind's eye, I organised a test shoot with the lovely Emily from Spook. The results are even better than I had hoped for and proves it is worth continuing to do projects off my own back when I have a spare few days.



  1. I like the small differences in the white colors of flour, cream, sugar and coconut! Seems to be a good lens in good photographer's hands! Congratulations!

  2. Inspiring shots but now I'm really curious about which lens you bought!

  3. I bought an 85mm, which took a long time to justify getting as I usually use my 90mm tilt shift,so there is very little difference in focal length...but the bokeh on the 85mm is ratherlovely.

    1. I have a 85 mm and I agree with you, it is a great lens, I need to shoot more with it, thnx for the push!