Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Flash vs. Daylight shooting

Just before Christmas I shot a pasta story for Women's Weekly and Coeur De Lion cheese recipes for Richmond Towers PR agency. For the former I shoot with flash in a small room adjoined to the kitchen in the IPC building (named by everyone as "the cupboard"). For the latter I shoot at a daylight location. I thought it would be interesting to show an image from each shoot to show the subtle difference between flash and daylight. To be honest I am now pretty happy shooting flash and at this time of year it is a necessity when we lose daylight around 3-4pm. If given a choice however...I still prefer the subtleties of shooting in daylight as I know I can always rely on daylight to make things look just lovely. Whereas with flash, it is particularly important to have gorgeous props to achieve a beautifully natural image.

Photo © Charlotte Tolhurst

Photo © Charlotte Tolhurst

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